Circeo Films is an independent film production company founded in 2011 in by sister-brother team, Jennifer and Jonathan Corcoran.

The intention of Circeo Films is to independently produce a cycle of dramatic films about the wisdom of women and restoring the feminine to a world out of balance.

The vision to create a cycle of films about women was inspired by a short story Jennifer wrote in 2000 about a group of women in the midst of the 1968 social upheaval in Rome, Italy – a galvanizing time worldwide that spurred extraordinary change. Women spoke out, an awareness of the fragile environmental equilibrium was raised and the dominion of long-established institutions, challenged. The stakes are even higher now than they were then, and our potential to effect change on the planet is greater and the need, more urgent.

This first film of the cycle, She Sings to the Stars, questions the nature of perception: What is real? What is sustaining and sustainable? How do we live with each other on the only planet we have? Stranded by drought in the desert of the Southwest, three seemingly incompatible characters discover a greater purpose as they are thrown together by meaningful coincidence. Making sense of coincidence, remembering that we are all members of a living organism and rediscovering the richness of this magical world, lie at the heart of the story.

She Sings to the Stars, went into production in October 2012 in New Mexico with release expected in 2014.

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Cir•ce•o: tʃiɹ tʃɛː'ɔ

Jennifer and Jonathan grew up in Italy and spent many years in sight of the distinctive profile of Monte Circeo (Mount Circe), a solitary mountain that rises out of the Mediterranean sea. It is said be the mythical forest home of Circe, the enchantress renowned in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, for her powers of transformation, her seduction of Odysseus and magically turning his men into swine. Growing up, Circeo was a touchstone to their world of imagination, possibility and magic.



She Sings to the Stars synopsis:

Mabel, a Native American grandmother, lives alone with her dog in the desert Southwest. She tends her corn crop which is failing due to severe drought. Her half-Hispanic grandson, Third, who dreams of making it big in LA, is forced to reconsider his plans when he comes to his grandmother's house to collect carved dolls he hopes to sell for a high price. Lyle, a fading LA magician down on his luck, heads to his only booked gig with his white rabbit. His lifelong dream is to be able to magically make himself disappear. When his radiator boils over, he is stranded outside Mabel’s house. The two men are stuck and must surrender to Mabel's timeless rhythm and the expansive desert. As each one rediscovers a capacity greater than imagined, the drought finally breaks.